Skincare Beyond the Surface

Did you know that only 0.3% of the ingredients in most skincare penetrates the skin deep enough to be effective?

That’s right, the vast majority of skincare is simply washed away. At SR Biotek, we saw this problem and set out to discover a better way.

Our search brought us to an unlikely place, the bottom of the ocean—where sea sponges and their tiny spicules proved the perfect solution to gently penetrate the skin and deliver our wrinkle-reducing formula where it’s most effective.

  • Altum Peptide is a combination of microscopic ocean sponge vehicles and peptides. This combination works by safely and gently penetrating the skin so that peptides can be delivered underneath the skin.

  • Unprecedented Delivery  

    Altum Peptide delivers the peptides down to epidermis, and the peptides are release to the skin with the help of glutathione to generate collagen.

  • 60 times more effective

    Sixty times more effective at penetrating the skin than conventional peptides, Altum Peptide ensures our amino acids are delivered to the dermis where they can nourish fibroblasts to generate collagen.

  • Proven clinical results

    With the advanced delivery of peptides, Altum Peptides far surpassed the expectations and demonstrated enhanced elasticity, denser skin, more even tone, and fine and deep wrinkle reductions.

  • Satisfying user experiences

    These incredible results make for incredible customer satisfaction, with users of Altum Peptide reporting best-in-class efficacy when surveyed.