Laboratory with a Team of Experts for Essential and Advanced Products

Our laboratory, staffed by experts in the development of essential and advanced skin care products, was approved by Korea Industrial Technology Association (KOITA) as an enterprise –affiliated laboratory. The aim is to conduct R&D projects that yield products tailored to the needs of customers, and to provide competitive products through the development of special formula.

  • Professional and efficient development of technology through break-down of research areas by type
  • Development of new technology and new ingredients through school-industry cooperation and exchanges of technology with domestic and international partner companies
  • Development of high-quality mass production technology focusing on safety

Optimized Quality Control System

  • Analysis of components and testing of harmful substances is conducted in house with our cutting-edge quality inspection equipment
  • Quality assurance is ensured through quality inspections for each stage from the inspection of raw materials and the examination of finished products ready for shipment

Creative and Stable Development of Raw Materials

A leader in the cosmetics market, SR biotek produces unique, innovative and highly-functional products based on microneedles, a new raw material created after long years of research and development, unique in today’s cosmetics market.


We are dedicated to enhancing our customers’ lives with confident and healthy beauty, and exceeding their expectations with high quality skin care products
based on the world’s leading nano biotechnology and the technology of applying key ingredients.
SR biotek, a next-generation venture with the world’s top technology to produce peeling solutions and skin restoration products
based on microneedles, strives to create a new paradigm in skin restoration technology by differentiating its technology
from European and especially German technology.

Manufacturing Factory

Certified CGMP and ISO 22716 etc quality certification system

  • A CGMP compliant factory equipped with separate duct systems to avoid cross-contamination
  • An apartment style factory of 2,200㎡, boasting an optimum production system with efficient facility layout
  • Affiliated laboratory located on the same premises, facilitating the integrated process of development, quality control, and production

The Optimum Production Technology and Facility System that Satisfies Customer Expectations

  • Possible to produce both a large and small quantity of products with multiple automated and manual manufacturing facilities in place
  • Possible to produce high quality products through a strict responsibility-based production system
  • Expertise in each production stage from the inspection of ingredients to examination of finished products
  • High level of professionalism through individual technology development


1.Customer consultation

2.Sales team

3.Development request

4.Development of new products (sample)

5.Evaluation and completion

6.Contract and quote

7.Acceptance of purchase order

8.Down payment, placing orders for raw materials, development of subsidiary materials


10.Quality control


Order-placing for raw materials (arrival of ordered materials -> quality control of raw materials)

Development of subsidiary materials (order-placing for subsidiary materials -> arrival of ordered materials -> quality control of subsidiary materials)

* Development of subsidiary materials: selection of designs, testing of contents and quality, testing of quantity, checking of designs, standardization, setting of limits, production, QC